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"You've reached Kiyotaka Ishimaru; I seem to have missed you! My sincerest apologies for that - but if you leave your name and state your business, firmly and concisely, I'll return your contact as soon as I can!

Until then, I look forward to speaking to you; do what you can to make your day pleasant and productive, and be sure to keep your head up!"

[Please state in the subject line if OOC planning is preferred and we can handwave like the wind, but otherwise IC will be assumed!]

16. Video

Feb. 6th, 2015 11:13 pm
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[It's been a while since Ishimaru's been seen on the network; the time he's had lately that hasn't been given to travel has instead been given to routine, to settling somewhere up inside his head where socializing is less important than getting things done, even though he isn't entirely sure what he's supposed to be getting done anymore. It's not the best pattern to be in, and if he must be there at all he knows somehow that it's better if it's temporary - doing this for too long leads to loneliness and that weird sense of distance when interacting with people, almost like he doesn't understand them anymore despite the fact that he sees some of them daily, and he'd really prefer to avoid that.

But at the same time, the holding pattern is familiar, though it seems that part of it - not quite knowing what he's supposed to be doing with himself anymore - has been on his mind more often than not lately.

Either way, he wasn't at work today - the weather has been horrible for two days - and so he's just sort of been studying at home all day; thankfully the Eevees haven't let that be all he does today, and once in a while they seem to send Eeveemaru to get up on the table and..."help" with whatever it is Ishimaru is trying to do until he gives in and plays with the horde a bit.

He's got Eeveemaru with him when the feed pops up, the little fuzzball up on his shoulder and looking into the 'Gear a bit too fascinatedly and wearing that little white uniform jacket, as always; Ishimaru's actually not matching him, instead wearing a black coat and a scarf he's had for a while, patterned after Ho-Oh's plumage. It's sort of a warm outfit, given that he's indoors, but it's comfortable and it's soft and the evening hours have brought some chill with them despite the heat in the house anyway.]

One of the things I've started to like about this world is how it gives so many new opportunities - not just for making friends and getting to raise Pokémon, either, though that's obviously important also! But there are a lot of challenges as find out a lot about yourself when you're somewhere so far from home, I think. Some of it's good, some of it's not so good - but it's all a learning experience, and I'm glad that I've gotten to go through that here!

It's a little confusing at times, though; where I'm from, there's a lot of emphasis on being the best at what you do. You always have to keep up and never let yourself slip; you have to know what you're doing at all times, and if you don't, you need to act as though you do. It's a lot of pressure, but the thing is that it's constant, and it may sound a little weird, but once something that's constant like that goes away, you can find yourself missing it - or at least, I sort of do, I think, just because that sort of structure and pressure always let me know what I should be doing with myself. This world doesn't give us as much direction, and that's...strange...

[He trails off a bit, thinking.]

But something this place has taught me, though - and I think it's a good thing! - is that a lack of structure and direction doesn't have to mean that there's nothing that can be done - this world actually rewards hard work and steadfastness far more than the one I'm used to. With enough dedication, we should be able to achieve whatever we want here due to the way this place rewards it - we can make what we want of our time here, instead of working toward a definite goal with a narrow margin of success! It's a very freeing concept; I'm not used to it, but I think I like it, or at least the message behind it.

I still don't have a set direction that I've trained my sights in, but I think I'll find it one day, if I work at it hard enough; I hope the same becomes true for the rest of you as well! Decide what you want and work toward achieving it; you have the chance to do that here, even if you didn't wherever you come from!

I hope you've had a good and productive day; if not, I know tomorrow will be better! So just keep your heads up!

[Aaaand end feed. Sometimes talking things out does help in some ways; who knew?]
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I have what might be seen as a weird question; I don't really know, because I've never tried asking anyone before, but it's something that's been troubling me lately and I'm wondering if any of you might know.

[Well, at least he's trying to keep this from dissolving into immediate trainwreck, with damn near palpable effort.

That said, it's been a little while since he's been on the network, so hello there. No video today, it seems, but at least that comes with the benefit of him having to actually look it over before he sends.]

Assume, for the sake of argument, that you have a way to improve someone's life. Factually speaking, I mean. Their life would be better with what you're offering, because it would relieve their suffering in some way. But the person doesn't want it because they believe they're better off without it, even though objectively that isn't the case.

Is it better to relieve their suffering anyway, even if it goes against their wishes, or to respect what they want even though "what they want" is going to hurt them?


[Well, outside of making Text Posts That Certainly Are A Thing, it seems that Ishimaru has the day off today.

He's been scarce ever since he and Naegi returned from Kanto; it's not in the same way that he goes scarce when something has gone wrong with him, he hasn't been avoiding people per se – it's just that his life has mostly been work and sleep and very little else for the last several days, and it's a bit hard to say whether that's because he's off inside his head again or because it's a routine and it's comfortable and socializing has simply...slipped his mind as something he should actually do once in a while.

But! Today he has the day off, and he's wearing that damn hoodie Naegi gave him last year and as usual there's a small Meowth camped out in the hood (sleeping, more often than not), and he's in Goldenrod City and wanting to blow off some steam, so his options for the time being seem to all revolve around "stupid amounts of physical activity"; thankfully, there are a few ways to do that, though the one he eventually chooses still strikes him as a bit unorthodox – he admittedly still doesn't see the point of doing things just for the sake of doing them, and doing exactly that seems to be the point of spending time in an arcade, but Kirigiri introduced him to something a while back that is at least...halfway worthwhile.

Namely, at one point she got this man on a DDR machine, and he has been determined to memorize the entire damn machine ever since.

So today that is where he will be, and he is not opposed to company either in the arcade or outside of it; this is just something for him to do with himself today, clearly. At least it keeps him from being idle.]

014. Video

Jul. 29th, 2014 03:30 pm
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[Well! It's been a while since Ishimaru's been around on the network, but with the weather being what it is, it doesn't feel right to not say anything at this point, either. And besides, he's been in Kanto for quite some time now; it'll be good to maybe speak to some of those still in Johto that he hasn't seen in a while. He's still not entirely used to this whole "missing other people" business, but he supposes that's part of the tradeoff for having friends.]

With the weather being so bad and only looking to get worse from here, I have a suggestion that may or may not be viable - several of you may remember the swarm of Bloobers from earlier in the year, correct? A lot of us obtained Bronzongs during that incident, if I remember correctly!

[...okay, where the hell is this going - ]

Bronzongs seem able to bring rain from other places; they can supposedly open portals and do it! I've never directly witnessed that part, but obviously they do bring a lot of rain with them when they're determined enough!

Wherever they got it from, though - would it be possible, do you think, for them to open those portals and put some of our rain over there? It might help mitigate some of the damage, anyway...

[Well, that was...surprisingly sound, logic-wise, for a plan that literally amounts to "WE SHOULD TAKE THE STORM AND PUT IT SOMEWHERE ELSE."]

Either way, if I haven't spoken to you for a while - I'm going to ask that you check in with me and verify that you're all right and sufficiently prepared for what's about to come, particularly if you're in one of the coastal cities! Even if I don't know you or you're new to the area, I hope that you're doing all right!

Hopefully today is a good and productive day for you, and if not...well, I would say "perhaps tomorrow will be better" but that much is questionable!


Things are going to look up soon, however, I can feel it!

[...that's better.]

013. Text

Apr. 23rd, 2014 07:54 pm
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[The text that hits the network from Ishimaru's device is surprisingly brief and to-the-point today; no video for now, though it's not because he's a broken mess this time, at least. Just at that weird point where he's exhausted and completely riled at the same time, so his body isn't really sure what it wants to do with itself.]

How do you hope that other people will remember you? Not necessarily after you die or anything, though you can answer for that, too.

It's nothing pressing; just something I've been thinking about today.

Whether you respond or not, I hope that today is a good and productive day, and if not, I hope that tomorrow will be better for you. Keep your head up.

[For those who are in the Dangan House today, Ishimaru can be found there; he's mostly looking after Parker while she's in her update coma, but he's not opposed to company.]
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[Ishimaru is outside again today, seeming to be taking advantage of the nice weather while it holds; at least he's looking at the camera today, and his gaze is shifting...a little less, maybe. He still seems a bit tired but at least he's calm; the view behind him is, once again, that square in Goldenrod near the Center.]

The place I came from put a lot of emphasis on punishment...both for what we did, and what we didn't do. Failure to act in a certain way, to do as we were told, was punished; failure to not act in the way that we were expected to was likewise punished. Rules and laws and "justice" were used to control us, not to guide or help us; instead of keeping us safe, they were used to tear us down.

No matter what we did, we were going to be wrong.

[His voice remains firm but calm through all that; he's not shouting, but he doesn't seem about to cry, either. Just...working through it, really.]

When situations are hard like that, and seem unwinnable, it's easy to forget what justice is intended for. It's meant to protect people, and most importantly, it's meant to give people hope - for themselves, and for the future!

So even if...even if you haven't always done what's right, even if you've made mistakes or taken punishment - if you choose to do right afterwards, the wrong you've done doesn't have to define you!

I think there comes a time when you deserve to be considered good again!

[...yep, there's the shouting.]

It's not going to be easy - it's something I'm still working on, too. But if we're willing to work hard and not lose hope, I think we'll all be all right, in the end! We just have to do our best.

I hope today is both good and productive for you, and if not, I know that tomorrow will be better!


[Returning to Goldenrod City has been...strange.

It's not strange in the way that coming to a new place tends to be strange, or perhaps returning to an old place that's changed drastically in your absence; there's no lack of familiarity, and if anything the strangeness is caused by just the opposite - there's a weird sense of returning home to it, and Ishimaru isn't entirely sure what to do with that. He hasn't felt that way since before Hope's Peak; it's weird to experience it now, but it's not altogether unwelcome.

...granted, it's not something he has long to dwell on; he finishes the video and takes a while to just...collect himself, but eventually he heads back to the house. And as soon as he manages to get the front door opened there's a sudden sharp skittering of nails against the floor and the vibrations of twenty-odd Eevees hup-hup-hupping their way down the stairs, and he flinches a little and braces for the moment where the swarm hits -

And then there's a thud, and there is quite simply nothing.


... ... ...


It takes him a moment to open his eyes, given that they'd slid closed while he was in the middle of preparing for impact; apparently the thud was the fuzzball legion all sitting in unison, and now they're just kind of parked on the floor and headtilting like confused pugs because grandpa's home and we sat and why is he just standing there.

He's clearly going to be spending some time playing with the fuzzballs today, because oh my god they did so well. c: ]
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[Well, it's been a while since Ishimaru's actually been around via video; he's had a rough go of it over the last few weeks and it shows - he looks incredibly tired and he still doesn't seem to have been eating very much, and he's still looking a little dead behind the eyes compared to the usual intensity.

But for the most part he looks reasonably put-together, and he's outside, and even if it's more than a bit overcast and admittedly cold as balls he doesn't seem to mind the cold; this may have something to do with the fact that he appears to have ditched the school uniform for today in favor of a rather thick black coat, and he's got a different scarf on than the usual red one he wears - this one isn't quite as long, but it's patterned after Ho-Oh's plumage. Something he got for Christmas, really; it's about time he wore it out somewhere. And he's...certainly somewhere; it looks like one of those parks near the Center.

His gaze flicks awkwardly to the side before he speaks; it takes him a moment to find words, but when he does he tries to keep them coming, and keep them steady, and dear god it's been a while since he's been this shouty at the network in general but it's clear that whatever he's been doing, it certainly hasn't been figuring out what an acceptable level of volume is.]

There...there have been a lot of people who have come up missing lately, I think, and there have been a lot of new arrivals as well! For those who are missing someone - friends of those sent home - I...I understand that it's often difficult to move past it, and that it's a lot to take in at once! For some of us, it's better that they're sent home because maybe they have important things to do or other people to take care of; for some isn't, and that can make losing people hard, when you know that whatever they're going through is going to be bad for them...

[He trails off a bit; his eyes scan upward for a moment while he tries to gather his thoughts, though he seems to shake it off soon enough.]

But...please don't worry. If you want to discuss it, even if I don't know you, we can - you don't even have to give me your name or anything, if you don't want to! It can be over text if you'd like...

[...deep breaths, Ishimaru, you are fine.]

And for those who have just arrived - well, that's also a lot to take in at once, but for different reasons! I've been here for about ten months now, and I'm still getting used to how things are done. It's a learning process, but you'll get through it!

My name is Ishimaru Kiyotaka; I'm the Super High School Level Hall Monitor, from Hope's Peak Academy's 78th annual class. If that didn't mean anything to you, that's fine, but I think there are a lot of new arrivals for whom that does mean something - if I haven't spoken to you yet, please get in contact with me so I can do so.

[...Right. Right, um. Um. Um.

Almost done here. Almost.]

...Otherwise, everyone just try to keep your heads up and your gazes trained toward the horizon! I hope that today is a good and productive day for all of you, and if not, that tomorrow will be better - we all just have to remain strong, and not lose hope.

[End feed.

Ishimaru can still be found outside for a while after that's over, however; he still seems more than a bit aimless and like he's not entirely sure what he's even doing out there, and he seems to be zoning out quite a bit when he's not directly engaged in conversation or otherwise doing anything. But hey, "outside staring off into space" has to be at least vaguely better than "in the basement and staring off into space", right?]
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[His first thought upon waking up is that he doesn't know where he is.

His body tenses immediately on that bed in the basement, jolting sharply awake as though he's been startled by something, as though he's just been sleeping and he's had a hell of a nightmare; his eyes are wide, his gaze shifting around the room as though he's trying to get some idea of his surroundings and what's happening around him, and he might just look disoriented if it weren't for the fact that his gaze is so blatantly unfocused.

He's taking in everything without really seeing it; his breathing is quick to even out, however, and after a moment his body relaxes against that futon he sleeps on, and any fear that may have been present in him is gone entirely, seeming to take any genuine fight he may have had along with it.

After a moment he sits up, and if he isn't hindered immediately by anything or anyone he'll get up and start pacing the length of the basement, the motion aimless and ultimately pointless, just something to do because...well, it's something to do.

He hasn't lost that odd, disconnected look in his eyes; he's not registering anything very well, that much is obvious.]


[A text will be hitting the network shortly after Ishimaru wakes up and any discussions with people in person have been carried out; it's short and uncharacteristically careless, and he isn't paying much attention to the device after it's out there, though he'll respond eventually to anyone who replies.]

i'm awake

and i'm sorry

[OOC: Canon-updating completed, for good or ill.]
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[It's been a little while since Ishimaru's been here, and he can be found in...well, the exact same place he was last time he made a broadcast from this area - several stories up, on top of the Tin Tower. However, there's a marked difference from the last time he was up here - whereas he was a bit excited and generally getting his enthusiasm for life fired up and raring to go back in September, he's currently standing stock still in the center of the roof, his expression the sort usually reserved for those who have just had either a religious experience or a really, really spectacular acid trip (that may or may not have culminated in a religious experience, because hey, who are we to judge how these things happen). At least he's...not quite crying, though wow does he look tempted.

He's holding something tightly in his hands - a pair of somethings, really, the first being a ridiculously vibrant feather that glitters in various colors when it catches the light; the second is a small gold pouch containing...something light, from the look of it, but it's difficult to say. Either way, he's seeming a bit overwhelmed. the point that he hasn't...quite noticed the Eevee horde that's trooped up here after him just yet, um. He'll probably wonder where the hell those came from once he's done, but for now they are just kind of...wriggling excitedly and once in a while bouncing, like they're trying to start some sort of tiny, fluffy mosh pit.

...Dangans, man.]
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[The anon text on the network tonight is simple and to-the-point, hitting at about eleven at night; it seems that somebody isn't sleeping easily.]

Is there a way to stop hating someone?

If not, is there at least a way to stop being so angry about it all the time?


[While he's not straying too far from the house he and his classmates have more or less taken over (with the assistance of a ridiculous amount of Eevees), Ishimaru can be found wandering around outside tonight; he's staying close to the breeding center and the like, but he's definitely seeming more restless than usual, his actions aimless. He's been having difficulty sleeping for almost a week now; it probably shows in his mannerisms and his speech - everything has been seeming less enthusiastic than usual - but he's been trying to keep up appearances, if nothing else.

At least he's not alone for the time being; he's got Eeveemaru with him - one of the members of the great furball legion from the house, all decked out in what looks like a little replica of Ishimaru's coat and armband (because if Togami thinks he's getting any aspect of this back - Eevee or outfit - he's got another thought coming to him, apparently). The thing is just kind of chilling on his shoulders for now, seeming a bit bewildered at being outside at a reasonably late hour but not too bothered otherwise; once in a while it bats at something not visible to anyone but there nonetheless - seems he's got Aiko with him as well, though the Misdreavus isn't visible for now.

It's late, and he's tired, but at least the night is nice, if a bit overcast. Maybe it'll rain soon, who knows. He just doesn't feel like being inside.]
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[A - Daytime.]

[In some ways, some things never change; after the first twenty-four hours in the castle, Ishimaru is mostly sticking to the downstairs. He's always been a believer in the devil-you-know method of coping with things; even back in Hope's Peak, he was reluctant to explore the upstairs levels after they'd been unlocked. Things haven't really changed here; if anything he's...well. For all intents and purposes, the kid's studying; he's taken to sitting in the library for long hours, taking down extensive notes on what's written in those books and cross-referencing them like mad.

He still hasn't found his Pokémon yet; it's making him anxious. Studying is keeping him centered, at least.

There is one thing that's a bit different from the usual, however, and that would be the sword he's got strapped at his side at all times. It's not the sharpest thing in the world, and likely wouldn't hold up well in any sort of fight against a properly-maintained weapon, but it's something to defend himself with just the same.

So clearly, he's been upstairs at some point...]

[B - Nighttime.]

[Of course, nighttime is when he's actually putting that sword to good use; as much as he's usually a noncombatant, he's surprisingly adept with it, and since he's become aware that there are both kids and horrific goddamn monsters here, he's been refusing to stay in the safe zones at night, instead wandering the halls and trying not to be too jumpy himself.

He wasn't able to properly protect people back home, and he's convinced people have died due to his mistakes; he's not going to allow that sort of thing to happen twice.]

[OOC - take your pick on whatever you want to do with this one, and if you want to go with something else entirely I'm good for that as well; just specify A, B or whatever it is you want in the comment subject!

ALSO if you need a pink sigil, this idiot is like the last one in that he's got one.]
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[Well, tonight will see another post from Ishimaru, and while the sun has long since dipped down beneath the horizon, the video is lit by an odd, bright purple light somewhere in front of him, and a dimmer red one that seems to be sort of sliding around slowly just out of view somewhere to his left; he's back in that white uniform, simply because it feels weird to him not to wear it, and while he's definitely outdoors, he seems to be rather high up - really, if the texture of the floor he's kneeling on is any indication, he seems to be on a roof somewhere.

Of course, if you're familiar with Ecruteak City, you'll likely recognize the view just barely visible behind him; he's up atop the Tin Tower today.

Either way, however, he seems in much higher spirits this time around; he's sort of smiling, even, though not quite - he's never really done happiness very well as far as facial expressions go, nor has he really done it very naturally - and his words are quick, rushed with excitement.]

Most of my studies deal in concrete fact - the paranormal, the theistic and the unexplained have never been anything that I've found useful, and so while I know a few of the more common myths from my own world, I've been willing to set them aside as just stories! But since coming here, I've met people who can say those stories are a reality - people who have spoken to ghosts, or been ghosts themselves; people who know of the existence of fairies and done magic themselves, or people from other worlds entirely. It's been interesting, if difficult to believe sometimes!

But it also makes me wonder how many of the myths here are true; I think a lot of it is like our creation mythology back home, just centered around Pokémon - people saw the animals here and attributed the creation of the world to their power, when that might not be the case. I think it warrants further study either way, though!

The place I'm at now...they say that one of the Legendary Pokémon used to call it home, but now it travels the world looking for trainers who are pure-hearted. I'm pretty sure that means I'll never see it, but I'd like to become the sort of person where it's at least a possibility someday.

[He'll be up there for some time longer, after the video cuts out and the feed goes dark; he's got his Litwick up there with him, and he's leaning up against one of the railings, looking out over the city skyline.

He also has a rather small Slugma up on the railing next to him; just...try not to knock it off if you join him, that'd make everyone kind of upset...]
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[Today's post is a bit different, the usual video completely absent; he's not been much in the mood for talking to others lately.

However, there are reasons why he thinks he probably should. So text it is.]

As much as we don't always understand or like it very much, the experiences we've had in this place are things to be cherished, I think. It's a good opportunity that we've been given, to meet others we might never have known and share ideas that we might never have come across otherwise.

I feel very blessed to have met all of you. If I haven't spoken to you, then I want to eventually; I'm sure there are things we can learn from one another, if given the opportunity. I still haven't found what it is I'm supposed to do with myself here - but I don't think that stagnation is acceptable, either. For now, I think "working on making things right" is a satisfactory goal, and one that I need to keep in mind more often, maybe.

Either way, I hope that today is a good and productive day for you - and if not, that tomorrow will be better.

['s a little subdued and Not Exactly Okay - by Ishimaru's usual standards, anyway - but he sends it anyway; it's just something he's needed to get out there, really.

Somebody's dealing with his first sudden-disappearance-from-Johto experience over here; it's not going too well, but he's trying to get back on track the only way he really knows how.]


[Ishimaru's been making himself scarce lately; he's used the few days he's had since turning twenty to throw himself into being a complete workaholic, and while that's been good for replenishing what he's spent (and he's been spending much more than usual over the last couple of weeks, something he's been feeling intensely guilty about), there have been other abovementioned reasons for his radio silence and general avoidance of everyone.

But he's off today and the streets of Violet City are welcome, even if he does seem a bit jittery. He's out of his normal uniform, for one thing, and it's still something he's completely unused to - the military-style boots are the same, of course, but he's got black pants on under them, the stiff ones he usually uses for travelling purposes despite the fact that he's doing nothing of the sort just now; as for the rest...he has no idea where Naegi even found the thing in Johto, but he is currently +1 trendy-as-hell hoodie, white with red and black accents and more zippers than he knows what to do with. He still feels more than a bit out-of-place wearing it, but it's something he could get used to. Maybe. The hood's dropped back over his shoulders; it seems to be...weirdly weighted down by something, and if he's seen at the right moment, there's what's undeniably some sort of cat in there, peeking out over his shoulder. Meowth, from the look of it. A very, very runty one, but a Meowth regardless.

Of course, he's got other reasons for the nerves, apparently; he comes to a stop outside the local bar, looking up at it in the way that one does when they know they have absolutely no reason for going in there and are probably going to get thrown out because...well, god only knows why. It's a ridiculous notion, especially given that no one here seems to care about the local drinking age, if one even exists; Oowada had taken him in there shortly after his birthday, and he's come back frequently since, immediately after he's off work. Which wouldn't be too weird - he can do as he pleases, after all - if he didn't get off work in the middle of the afternoon.

Clearly, it's five o'clock somewhere.

However, once he slips inside, he's actually not interested in drinking; what's got his attention is the billiards table in the back room. That's where he goes immediately, setting the Meowth down on one of the nearby stools before picking one of the cue sticks off the back wall. It's not high-quality (nor is the table, really) but he's not going to complain; it's just for the sake of amusing himself, anyway. He'd noticed the setup when he'd come in here the first time, with Oowada; he hadn't played then, but it's what he's been coming back for.

Pool is geometry, when it comes down to it - geometry and physics, all angles and force and arcs; even so, he's still not sure where he picked up how to play. It's just something he knows how to do; if he were to dwell on it for long enough, he'd likely think that it's something he doesn't remember due to the incident in the school. But for now, he doesn't want to think; he racks up easily, and when he shoots, the break is a clean one.]
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[Well! From the sound of the BGM, Ishimaru is currently back in Violet, though he's apparently holed up in Nondescript Hotel Room #356; he seems to have set the device on the table in front of him, and one of his Pokémon is actually out with him today - admittedly, it's a small pink tapir with flowers on it, and while it's definitely levitating itself it's tethered itself to his hair in a way that makes it look more than a little like some sort of really fabulous Combine headcrab. At least, he doesn't seem to mind - if anything, he seems a bit...lost in thought today. Not distracted, per se, just really contemplative.

And maybe a little peeved. Though that might be just his normal expression, it’s sorta hard to tell sometimes.]

So I've been told that I should probably start dressing like a "normal person."

[...okay, yeahno, he’s definitely a little agitated, though it's definitely more frustration than anger; he seems to realize then that his Munna is back and...well, doing the hair-thing again, and he takes a moment to retrieve her, holding her awkwardly in folded arms.]

While I find the way I dress to be completely appropriate and necessary, apparently that isn’t considered to be the case here! I don't see why - I'm a student, and therefore my clothing should reflect that! It's my profession for the time being, and as such the uniform of my profession is something that I should wear with pride!! It isn't proper conduct to do otherwise!


[Whatever he was going to say after that, he falters quite a bit; just...let him get his defensiveness levels down a little bit.]

...As fashion is something I've never really had a grasp on, I to hear about what constitutes "normal" and how it can be achieved, as one's presentation goes!

Thank you for your time, and even if you don't reply, I want you to keep your head up and your eyes trained forward! Today is going to be a good day, I can tell!

[...yeah he kind of doesn't do "normal" well, um.]

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[Perhaps strangely for the late evening hours on a Sunday, there are lights on in the school in Violet City tonight; Ishimaru usually avoids coming here in the evenings for that reason - surely it would look suspicious if someone were to come by and see that, or notice someone wandering around in there through the windows - but he has been coming by here once classes let out for the day once in a while, and tonight...well. It's been a long week.

It had taken him some time to convince himself that being here was okay (it is public property, as far as he can tell, so he's not in danger of trespassing, and surely it can't be breaking and entering if the door is unlocked); he'd run into a janitor yesterday who didn't seem fazed at his being there, and didn't seem to mind as long as he left things as he found them. It isn't as though he does much here, anyway; he mostly just wanders around, enjoying the feel of the place. Schools have always had very distinct feelings associated with them, as far as he goes; even his time in Hope's Peak hasn't managed to tarnish that.

About the only thing it's effected is the way he makes sure to leave the windows open and unblocked by shades while he's here.

So he's clearly visible to passersby, should there be any this evening, though he's got his back to the outside; he's got chalk in his hand, quickly adorning the chalkboard in front of him with words written briskly in steady, straight lines.

Live with simplicity, fortitude and vigor.

The foundation of hard work is the spirit to succeed.

Sacrifice is freely given, not yours to demand; give freely of yourself when possible.

Do what you can with your life; it's the only one you've been given.

Do not tear down when you can build up; do not destroy when you can create.

Respect all life as though it were your own.

They're simple phrases, really; things to be kept in mind, thoughts that he needs to remind himself from time to time. He thinks for a moment before scrawling one more down, and then he steps back, surveying his work.

We are not dead yet.

It had struck him as horribly morbid, when he'd first heard it; it's still painful, but it brings with it a dark sense of comfort. We are not dead yet.

That one gets underlined.]


[Well, judging from the background of the video, Ishimaru hasn't quite left the school building yet -

...all right, he's not even in the process of leaving, as several of those lines are still clearly visible on the board behind him, but still. He'll wipe them before he leaves, definitely.

However, for the time being, he has something of a question; it's been bothering him for quite some time now, actually.]

A lot of people seem to have been brought here during times of stress or conflict in their lives - in fact, almost everyone I've seen has been like that! Is there anyone here from a world that's actually peaceful and in order?

[It hasn't quite hit him that this isn't just something you ask people, good lord.]

Of course, even if things are dark for you now back home, the focus shouldn't be on futility, but rather on hope and possibilities! Even if your world is a dark one and your circumstances are unfortunate, it's still nice to hear about the positive times, so if you have any of those, they can be shared as well, if you like.

I hope that today was good to you, and if not, that tomorrow will be better - anything can be overcome with hard work, inner strength and cooperation!

[...again, it's been a long week, and he tends to solve issues with his own sense of spirit by screaming encouragement at others; it usually works, for the most part.]
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[For once the feed is showing somewhere other than Goldenrod when it flickers on; Ishimaru seems to have taken up refuge on one of the larger rocks near the beach in Cherrygrove. He's not too high up, because there's no sense in risking literally falling into what would surely be a really anticlimactic set of injuries; his expression on the video is still rather severe, but that's moreso due to just being how he is rather than him actually being displeased with anything.

Dear lord, though, is it overcast out here.]

While it troubles me to see how little people prioritize education and proper study over everything else, I understand that most see pointless activities as a -

[...he hesitates for a moment, flinching back a little and blinking at something that can't exactly be seen on the feed; he shakes his head after a second before moving on, seeming to decide that whatever small stimulus caused that isn't worth bothering with.]

...r-right, anyway!! People have been trying to explain why they engage in such senseless activities and that they don't see them as a...


...waste...of time...

[He twitches a little again, swiping across the bridge of his nose with two fingers and studying them intensely, as though understanding whatever he was swiping away is fundamental to saving the damn world.]

Is it raining...?

[It's about then that he looks up, and...]

...Kyohei, shut that off for a second -


[Well! Ishimaru's no longer in view - it seems he's decided to hold the device instead - so it's a bit hard to tell if he's still got that immensely strict expression going on; however, the camera is slanted sharply skyward, toward that overcast sky. The angle isn't an error; rather, it's showing off some...rather thick white flakes falling from on high.

Snow in June? Snow in June. Thank you, mods.

Ishimaru can be heard laughing a bit in the background; the sound is oddly blunted, but it still the sound of a person that is approximately a thousand percent done with the day.]

This makes no sense whatsoever. None.

[At least it's too warm to stick for very long, though the moisture on the device is contributing to some awesome JJ Abrams lensflare effects.]

Tell me - is it doing this where any of you are as well, or...?

[The feed will shut off immediately after that's out there; those wanting action can find him wandering around Cherrygrove, looking incredulous as hell and, as Parker would describe it, he's definitely appreciating the sky today because good lord he cannot stop staring at this.

A thousand percent done.]
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[Ishimaru seems to finally be seeing fit to make an appearance, having been oddly absent since the weirdness started yesterday; it's not that he hasn't noticed the strangeness, he just hasn't been too inclined to comment, despite his usual inclination for enthusiastic, socially-awkward pep talks that no one really asked for.

After all, he's been in something of an odd state lately himself.]

Cut for Dangan Ronpa spoilers (everything up to Chapter Three) and...uh, vigilante justice with a pickaxe, I guess. )
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[Well, today's video from Ishimaru is no less shouty than the first, though he seems to be less...manically enthusiastic this time around. Surely, this is progress!

Or, well, it would be, if it weren't so damn awkward-looking; he hasn't quite gotten the hang of addressing large groups of people over the feed like this, and as such his posture is a bit too tight, arms folded close against his chest, and his expression is still incredibly severe, though it's difficult to tell if it's through anger or just sheer...uh, passion. Let's. Let's call it that.

That said, he's still outside, seeming to be on one of the routes, the device apparently propped up on something; Goldenrod's skyline is rather visible close behind him, though, so he obviously hasn't gone too far.]

Through both my own curiosity and in the name of a personal project I'm undertaking, I have a request for the rest of you that have found yourselves in this place! It's not very much, and will only take a moment of your time - but if you have any sort of particular life motto or words that you happen to live by, I would like to hear them! If you have several, I would like all of them...and if you don't happen to have any, I'm sure that others would be willing to inspire you, should you want it!!


Otherwise, keep your heads up and your gazes trained toward the horizon; it's been a beautiful day today - if a bit wet out sometimes - and hopefully a highly productive one for all of you!

[Okay, so he still hasn't quite learned how to people. He's working on it...]


Cut for length/the sake of reading list preservation! Tl;dr - there is a Magikarp. Training it is going...interestingly. )
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[Well, if you're on the streets this evening in the general vicinity of the Radio Tower, you will likely come across a figure in what looks like a cross between a white gakuran and a military uniform (no, seriously, those boots cannot be school issue, can they?); he's got his arms folded tightly across his chest, almost as though he's cold despite being nothing of the sort, and he's staring rather intently upward.

Not at anything in particular. Just looking up at the sky.

However, if you're close enough (and you're probably close enough because he is pretty much the opposite of subtle), it'll be fairly obvious that he's probably not seeing much of anything despite the intensity of his gaze, given that he's got an impressive amount of tears going on. Like, "that should probably not be coming out of human eyes" levels of impressive. Holy shit. Tears. All over. Like he's seen the face of God or something.

Someone might want to poke him or make sure his brain hasn't just shorted out or something, he'll be here all night otherwise.]


[Hello, Johto! Sometime this evening you are being treated to some serious jittercam, courtesy of one of your newer arrivals (after he's come out of whatever trance he was in earlier because good lord almighty there is sky out here). It's not quite enough to make you seasick, but more than enough to make you wonder exactly how it is your life has come to this and who gave the complete amateur a camera before everything seems to even out. The video eventually seems to settle on a rather...uh, severe-looking kid with short, dark hair, red eyes and eyebrows that go forever, and whatever he's doing, he seems deeply annoyed with it, goodness. Who invited the spawn of Satan to the Poképarty...

And then he seems to figure out that he is, in fact, filming, and his response is so immediately joyful it'll give you whiplash if you are not properly strapped in. His grin is open and incredibly genuine, the expression entirely unguarded; he sets the device down on a table in front of him, as he appears to be outside still, and he immediately starts waving at it a bit - both through utter glee and trying to see if it actually is tracking properly.]

Ha ha ha - so it does work! This is excellent news, excellent! Now, if I can get it to -

[His voice is a bit odd - it's loud and enthusiastic, but it's strangely blunted, as though he hasn't...quite worked out how voice inflection works but dammit, he's trying. He reaches out while he talks, the conversation dissolving into rather pleased muttering to himself as he tries to turn off the 'Gear and promptly...uh, sends the video, good job.]


[Well, Captain Eyebrows here seems to have gotten himself under a bit more control, though the amount of volume is still going to make people why he even bothered with a video - surely he can be heard in Kanto by now. He's clearly trying to sound authoritative; the effect is just...horribly shouty.]

My name is Ishimaru Kiyotaka, a student of the 78th annual class at Hope's Peak Academy! It's excellent to have a way to contact all of you, even if the situation that's brought it about is very weird indeed!

Whoever is responsible for this turn of events, I would like to both thank you for your generosity regarding the situation, and yet express my general confusion at what it is you expect me to do here! It would be appreciated if I could thank you in person - or...speak to you properly or knew who you

[He...seems to have lost himself for a moment, hang on - ]

At any rate - if I've learned anything in my studies of others, it's that cooperation is the best way to ensure success! If you could introduce yourselves and tell me where it is you come from, I would be very grateful - let's make the most of this weird situation by working hard and working together!

[End feed!

...Ishimaru, please...]


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